Spectacular Spec Suites that Accelerate Leasing


Spec suites are an easy way to accelerate the tenant leasing process by attracting both increased foot traffic at buildings with available space and providing fully furnished workspaces for tenants with immediate needs.

To increase foot traffic, a spec suite can serve as a marketing suite that with the right approach can get potential tenants excited about the whole building, particularly for buildings that are undergoing a major re-positioning. A modern design and the infusion of character into the space will impress tech-forward prospects.

In terms of directly benefiting the leasing of a space, spec suites are appealing because they allow tenants to plug and play by immediately being able to begin working. This saves the tenant the three to six month-long wait time needed for the space to be built out.

The cost of a spec suite can range depending on the amount of  project, and can be as much as $120/sq ft. To save on costs, it is important to include flexibility both with the layout and furniture selection. Modular furniture that can easily be reconfigured and a color selection that can easily be updated will make the space easily adapt to the needs of new tenants.

Rightsize Facility specializes in creating spec suites ranging in size from 2,500 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft. Our workplace solutions experts will ensure the design and furniture selected will complement your leasing goals and provide flexibility for your new tenants. Our blended solution of contract furniture from 200+ different manufacturers provides a wide range of aesthetic options and price points for office furniture ranging from $12-$20/sq ft.


Spec Suites Portfolio

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